Hello, I’m Dyuti.

I am a writer and translator from Kolkata, India, and this is my personal blog. In a way, this is my own little home in this virtual world, and almost as chaotic and messy as my actual home. I sound out my ideas here, and jot down my thoughts. I also write about and translate stuff that interests or moves me.

You will find a lot of things here, to be sure. Growing up, I never quite knew what I was good at or what I wanted to be. The curse of being just about average in everything I try has stuck on with me. I enjoy many things; none of it enough to produce a lifelong passion. But there is something I have always done, and continue to do, both in professional and personal capacities. I write, I read, I translate. In short, I try to make sense.

I welcome you to be a part of my journey. After all, making sense of this world together does make more sense than doing it alone.


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