A woman's right foot and the impression of the left foot side by side on wet brown sand as seawater contaminated with industrial foam approaches from the top right corner


Poison penetrates me, drop by drop.

I stand before her gaping mouth and count the rotting teeth. Row upon row of stones dark with ever-oozing blood and pus, and I think of the depths the poison would have to reach before being able to carve out such exquisite pain from their steadfast roots.

The roots are deep, swaying like tentacles under her irridescent skin. As she holds my gaze, the roots are slowly devoured by ash.

And from under the ash erupts a river of blood, carrying her undead army of hollow desires and shallow promises atop it’s waves.

The wave penetrates me, drop by drop.

I look back at her gorgeous gaping mouth, one last farewell, one last kiss planted on the blood red feet of my Lonely Mistress.

Then I start the fire.

Pain oozes out of me, drop by drop. This vessel was way too poisonous for her.

With apologies to Sappho, literally the coolest of the classical poets and also the first recorded lesbian in the antiquity. Her fragment “pain penetrates me drop by drop” is one of the inspirations for this piece.

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